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Original Retail Price: SGD 4.00
50% off, Now: SGD 2.00

Button Coaster SGD2.00
Click Here for Product Details! SOLD OUT A colourful funky button coaster to rest your mug.


Original Retail Price: SGD 19.90
50% off, Now: SGD 9.95

Cool Ice Invaders Ice Tray SGD9.95
Click Here for Product Details! SALE 50% (ORP $19.90) A close encounter of the frozen kind. Did you spend a good portion of your childhood (and your allowance) blasting 2-dimensional aliens to smithereens?


Original Retail Price: SGD 12.90
40% off, Now: SGD 7.74

I Stand - I Plunge SGD7.74
Click Here for Product Details! SALE 40% (ORP $12.90) iPlunge is the perfect solution for your high-tech video emergencies — just squish it against the back of your iPod®, iPhone®, or any device with a smooth hard surface, sit back, and smile.


Original Retail Price: SGD 24.90
20% off, Now: SGD 19.92

Big Head Drink Coasters SGD19.92
Click Here for Product Details! SALE 20% (ORP $24.90) An ideal kitchen or dining accessory, big head coasters are always ready for your tea or coffee break. Just flick them down & put your hot drink on their big head. Available in shades of pink, blue, or beige.


Original Retail Price: SGD 75.50
20% off, Now: SGD 60.40

Little Big Time Red Arrow Clock SGD60.40
Click Here for Product Details! SALE 20% (ORP $75.50) Funky large wall clock with striking red coloured hands is sure to brighten up any wall.


Original Retail Price: SGD 122.90
30% off, Now: SGD 86.03

Chalk Board Organiser Wall Clock SGD86.03
Click Here for Product Details! SALE 30% (ORP $122.90) The wall clock chalkboard comes with 12 replacable chalks. It incorporates a curved magazine rack that’s also great for storing letters.


Original Retail Price: SGD 87.50
40% off, Now: SGD 52.50

Magic Forest Glass Clock (Black) SGD52.50
Click Here for Product Details! SOLD OUT The Black Magic Forest is a completely unique glass wall clock with a modern twist!


Original Retail Price: SGD 219.90
40% off, Now: SGD 131.94

Spirograph Large Clock SGD131.94
Click Here for Product Details! SALE 40% (ORP $219.90) Made from high quality flexible plastic, this large unique wall clock was clearly inspired by a blossoming lotus. A stunning colourful addition to any room.

Original Retail Price: SGD 17.50
70% off, Now: SGD 5.25

Flower Chip Dip Plate (Pink) SGD5.25
Click Here for Product Details! Funky flower shaped serving plates with six compartments and a seperate dip section in the middle certian to brighten up any party.
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