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Original Retail Price: SGD 87.50
20% off, Now: SGD 70.00

Magic Forest Glass Clock (Black) SGD70.00
Click Here for Product Details! SALE 20% (ORP $87.50) The Black Magic Forest is a completely unique glass wall clock with a modern twist!

Original Retail Price: SGD 122.90
30% off, Now: SGD 86.03

Chalk Board Organiser Wall Clock SGD86.03
Click Here for Product Details! SALE 30% (ORP $122.90) The wall clock chalkboard comes with 12 replacable chalks. It incorporates a curved magazine rack thatís also great for storing letters.

Original Retail Price: SGD 219.90
30% off, Now: SGD 153.93

Spirograph Large Clock SGD153.93
Click Here for Product Details! SALE 30% (ORP $219.90) Made from high quality flexible plastic, this large unique wall clock was clearly inspired by a blossoming lotus. A stunning colourful addition to any room.

Original Retail Price: SGD 53.90
30% off, Now: SGD 37.73

Clap On Wood Cube Alarm Clock SGD37.73
Click Here for Product Details! SOLD OUT Contemporary wood veneer with red LED digital time. Clap your hands to make the red LED time appear.

Original Retail Price: SGD 45.85
40% off, Now: SGD 27.51

Large Chop 2 Pot Cutting Board (Pink) SGD27.51
Click Here for Product Details! SOLD OUT This innovative chopping board uses the latest technology in polypropylene living hinges, when the handle is squeezed the board folds into a chute to help guide diced and chopped food into the pot.

Original Retail Price: SGD 17.50
70% off, Now: SGD 5.25

Flower Chip Dip Plate (Pink) SGD5.25
Click Here for Product Details! SOLD OUT Funky flower shaped serving plates with six compartments and a seperate dip section in the middle certian to brighten up any party.
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