Hard Wiring a Wall Clock

How to Hard Wire a Wall Clock

Many people don’t realize, but some of the larger, more intricit time pieces require more power than a 9 volt battery can provide. Rather than investing in rechargeable batteries and pulling down a large clock every 3 months to swap the batteries, consider a 120 volt clock. “Don’t be intimidated by the idea of hard wiring a clock” says Kevin Copsey, an electrician in Mechanicsville Maryland. “You can do it yourself with tools found in any man’s home tool box.”

We here at revive home say us girls can do it too Kevin. Here’s proof. We’re creating a simple guide for hard wiring your wall clock. With a little help from SME Pros we have a 3 step plan.

  1. Pre run the wires. You’ll need to kill the power, and this may be the part where an experienced friend would be helpful, but you want the wires coming out of the wall already hot before mounting the clock.
  2. Twist connect the wires from the clock to the wires coming out of the wall. This is the part us ladies can handle with ease.
  3. Mount the clock and turn the power back on.

If we’ve made it seem too easy its because it is. You don’t need to hire an electrical contractor, electrician, or home improvement contractor for this easy diy job.

Thanks to SME Pros for the how to tips.