Revive Home Interior Design designs, creates, builds, and imports a variety of different clocks. We have different categories of clocks and you will surely find one or five you like.

Take note that clocks are subject to availability and custom-made clocks can take up to 3 months to be ready for shipment.

Our Clock Categories and Some Examples


Wall Clocks

Normal sized wall clocks                              from $20

Medium sized wall clocks                            from $25

Large sized wall clocks                                  from $35

Extra large sized wall clocks                        from $50


Desk Clocks

Vintage clocks                                                   from $35

Funky designs                                                   from $35



Standing Clocks

Floor clocks                                                        from $70

Other standing clocks                                    from $40



Theme Clocks

Country themed (Paris, London, Africa, etc.)                      $25

Themes by request                                                                         from $30



We recently added a new category to our clock selection. We can now print your family, wedding or other photos on a clock to make it more personal. We can also make clock sets that has a similar theme and will be used as décor. If you are looking for very specific vintage clocks or antiques, we can source them from other countries if they have it.

  • Photo print clocks
  • Customized to specifications
  • Clock sets
  • Imported clocks

Most clock options can be ordered in wood or aluminium. This excludes vintage and some standing and desk clocks. Some clocks only come in wood and others are only available in metal or plastic. To find out more about the clock you are interested in, contact Revive Home at You can also place orders for customized clocks at this address