Welcome to the Revive Home Interior Design home page. We are an e-commerce store that sells mainly clocks for interior design purposes. We have a wide range of clocks from vintage to modern and in many different sizes. The second part of our business involves giving advice and tips on how to make your home beautiful and functional. You will find many excellent and helpful information on this site regarding interior and exterior design.


Revive Home has been in business for 10 years and is run by Milton Leath and a team of design and landscaping experts. Together, they offer you the best clocks and the best tips and information to make your home the way you have always dreamed. Visit the CLOCKS page to view some of our clocks on offer. Visit the BLOG page for interesting information and design and décor tips.

Our Clocks

We offer a large variety of clocks for sale. We also take orders to make clocks to certain specifications as requested by clients. Our clocks are made from different materials including wood, metal, aluminium, plastic, and glass. We have certain themes available and can alter or create sets of clocks to suit your décor needs.

Our Blog

The blog section of this website is a great fountain of information. Our writers are very knowledgeable and have many great tips, tricks, and ideas for décor to share. They welcome comments and questions and enjoy giving advice and tips.

Revive Home Interior Design is one of the top décor and interior design businesses in Whippany and the surrounding counties. For more information, contact us at info@revivehome.com.